718-250-8900 - Detailed information about Phone Number


Someone called you and you do not know who.

Safe Caller / Not Spam

Caller who is safe to answer on the phone.

Bank / Credit card Scam

When someone is calling you and saying that calls you from a bank, asking you about your bank or credit card details.

Charity Donation

When you receive call from Charity organisation and they ask you for donation money or something valuable.

Event Reminder

Caller from Event company, who reminds you about events.

Scam call

Call from scammers, people who will use your information to charge you money from phone, credit card etc. Advice, Do not answer them.

Missed call

Someone called you and you missed this call, you do not know who called you.

RoboCaller / Automated call

When you receive call that is automated, robo voice.

Other / I Don't know

When you just don't know who called you and why.

  • Comment & Review author: Paul

    Always ringing me l do not answer it what right do they think they have to disturb my peace should not be allow and something done about it there are so many people and companies doing it

  • Comment & Review author: Richard

    This number has rung me several times over the past weeks. Just rung and said about reclaiming bank charges. I replied i am already going through a process of doing this and for them please to remove my number from their system. He said but this is the first time i have called you, i answered maybe first time for you but not your colleagues and if this number rings again i will complain to ofcom. he replied are you threatening me mam, i replied no i am not threatening you i am telling you what i will do if this number rings me again. He replied you are entitled to do whatever you want mam. I replied indeed i am and if i see this number again i will report it now please remove this number from your system and he said he couldnt so i said, well goodbye then and hung the phone up. Grrr they make me mad.

  • Comment & Review author: Roy

    SCAMMER!!! Said they were Microsoft and noticed an issue on my PC with the Microsoft software! Told him to get a proper job and stop Scamming!

  • Comment & Review author: Chantal

    Having charges applied once a week

  • Comment & Review author: Lillian

    I received a phone call from this women who was speaking extremely quickly, waffling on about claiming back PPI and started going on about banks, when i said that i had already settled my PPI claim, she took no noticed and started on talking quickly about banks and claiming PPI. I again said that I had settled but again was taking no noticed. Really noisy int he background. Hung up and blocked number

  • Comment & Review author: Alison

    i keep getting this number.... stop calling me

  • Comment & Review author: Geir

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