860-824-8000 - Detailed information about Phone Number


Someone called you and you do not know who.

Safe Caller / Not Spam

Caller who is safe to answer on the phone.

Bank / Credit card Scam

When someone is calling you and saying that calls you from a bank, asking you about your bank or credit card details.

Charity Donation

When you receive call from Charity organisation and they ask you for donation money or something valuable.

Event Reminder

Caller from Event company, who reminds you about events.

Scam call

Call from scammers, people who will use your information to charge you money from phone, credit card etc. Advice, Do not answer them.

Missed call

Someone called you and you missed this call, you do not know who called you.

RoboCaller / Automated call

When you receive call that is automated, robo voice.

Other / I Don't know

When you just don't know who called you and why.

  • Comment & Review author: Maaike

    I have had money taken from my february and march bills for texts received from the above number which did not agree too and i did not enter into, i am disabled and had to visit the 02 store but was helped with this in anyway i would like a refund of all monies taken from account by this number.

  • Comment & Review author: Melanie

    Called me on 8th of September at 14.00 trying to get me to sign up for PPI claim.

  • Comment & Review author: Carey

    Please make them stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment & Review author: Neriman

    thanks! now blocked!

  • Comment & Review author: Barry

    Told me I had road traffic accident .never had one. Asked who told them that and the put the phone down

  • Comment & Review author: Derren

    This number constantly rings my salon, line goes dead when I answer!!!

  • Comment & Review author: Marcel

    I have numeric calls from this number. Ignore it but just keep on calling. Feel annoy.

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