770-860-1919 - Detailed information about Phone Number


Someone called you and you do not know who.

Safe Caller / Not Spam

Caller who is safe to answer on the phone.

Bank / Credit card Scam

When someone is calling you and saying that calls you from a bank, asking you about your bank or credit card details.

Charity Donation

When you receive call from Charity organisation and they ask you for donation money or something valuable.

Event Reminder

Caller from Event company, who reminds you about events.

Scam call

Call from scammers, people who will use your information to charge you money from phone, credit card etc. Advice, Do not answer them.

Missed call

Someone called you and you missed this call, you do not know who called you.

RoboCaller / Automated call

When you receive call that is automated, robo voice.

Other / I Don't know

When you just don't know who called you and why.

  • Comment & Review author: Fagan

    phone rang answered it salience did a 1471 response 0012102490540, I am registered with TPS yet these calls get through . TPS and BT its about time they get fined for not doing anything to protect people .

  • Comment & Review author: Howard

    Received a call from this number 0012102490540 today at 12.24.It was an Asian guy said his name was Peter and he was from Microsoft.I told him abruptly that he was a liar and that I did not believe him.I had an call earlier today @ 11.56 from 02070976517 number.This caller never answered when i picked up the receiver,I presume these two numbers are from the same scammers.I am receiving lots of these calls of late even though I am registered with the TPS service.Just had another call while i am typing this message from 01274782541 @ 12.39.Another Asian guy,I did not wait for him to ask any questions but told him to p--- off.Not very polite of me I know,but they are really annoying me.

  • Comment & Review author: Henriette

    Silent. Very annoying. Concerned to read above comments about scam.

  • Comment & Review author: Susanne

    Silent call from this number at 18 minutes past midnight. This will be because I put the phone down on this Asian woman earlier in the day.

  • Comment & Review author: Lisa

    Sales and marketing call from HSBC and Santander.......normal sales stuff so no reason for alarm.

  • Comment & Review author: Malulie

    Rang me at 11.30pm!! Lucky my phone was on silent.

  • Comment & Review author: Fang

    phoned today 3 times but i did not answer

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