317-852-3123 - Detailed information about Phone Number


Someone called you and you do not know who.

Safe Caller / Not Spam

Caller who is safe to answer on the phone.

Bank / Credit card Scam

When someone is calling you and saying that calls you from a bank, asking you about your bank or credit card details.

Charity Donation

When you receive call from Charity organisation and they ask you for donation money or something valuable.

Event Reminder

Caller from Event company, who reminds you about events.

Scam call

Call from scammers, people who will use your information to charge you money from phone, credit card etc. Advice, Do not answer them.

Missed call

Someone called you and you missed this call, you do not know who called you.

RoboCaller / Automated call

When you receive call that is automated, robo voice.

Other / I Don't know

When you just don't know who called you and why.

  • Comment & Review author: Toni

    I wants to stop, give up your services and competition

  • Comment & Review author: Carole

    Rang 3 times today, went to answerphone. No message. These criminals have been at it previously. Just put the phone down and walk away.

  • Comment & Review author: Jay

    they Rung asking to speak to a mr Lufe! Which sounded like my name Luff.. ABout an over payment they received! :/ as soon as I asked them to spell the surname they did so which no hesitation but quickly hung up after I told them that was wrong!

  • Comment & Review author: Amanda

    Foreign guy,rang,reckons he works for bt,and that there where several messages sent to them,from my email,regarding a medical emergency,he wanted to issue me with a new ip address,as foreign scammers,where hacking into my emails,and using my computer,he gave the name of a guy in mexico,who had been arrested for similar scams,so i told him to go arrest the rest and hung up

  • Comment & Review author: Shahed

    I have just purchased a pre paid sim from Optus and have only given my no to friends in Australia, how on earth have this company got my new no, 12 calls yesterday and 3 already today on tues 9 dec, just blocked the number! Seems Optus have given my no to other parties

  • Comment & Review author: Jeannine

    Just rang me but i didnt answer as number looked like it was from planet a**hole. Keeps calling me. Going to get my whistle ready to blow down it...that might work.

  • Comment & Review author: Cherry

    Guppy 01 Oct 2015Getting too many calls from these people even though I am registered on TPS. Please report this company Falcon and Pointer Floor 4 Princess House Swansea SA1 3LW to http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/nuisance-calls-and-texts/?gclid=CPnRjamSocgCFeJl2wodlV0OnQ OR https://ico.org.uk/concerns/marketing/report-automated-calls/ Spend a little extra time nailing the riff raff Guppy

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